Shapewear Trends for 2024, From Statement Sleeves to Sustainable Fabrics | When it comes to shapewear, one of the most popular styles, not only worn by many women around the world but also one of the ones that is more promoted by celebrities and influencers around the world are bodysuits. If you open any of your social media platforms, you will for sure at least find a post or a video that relates to shapewear and most especially bodysuits. 

The fashion world is dynamic, and the trends keep evolving. This new year which is just starting in 2024, brings a very exciting array of trends that involve bodysuits. These trends will make you set statements, for sure. Rest assured that this year promises a more eco-conscious and diverse approach to bodysuits, hot sale custom waist trainer, and fashion in general. 

What are shapewear bodysuits? 

Shapewear bodysuits are undergarments that are specially designed to shape and contour your body while providing a streamlined and smooth silhouette. They are constructed using strategic panels that target specific areas of the body and compression fabrics and will enhance your natural curves. 

These types of garments have become very popular amongst people who are seeking to get a more toned and sculpted appearance, no matter whether they choose to wear them daily or for special occasions. 


What are the bodysuit trends for 2024? 

2024 just started and it’s already coming with new seamless body shaper and shapewear bodysuit trends. One of the most popular trends of this year is the statement sleeves. They now have oversized ruffles, dramatic shapes, and also unique detailing. These sleeves are now becoming the focal point, and are now transforming the bodysuits from classic pieces to fashion-forward ones. They effortlessly combine comfort and style.

The fashion and shapewear industry keeps moving towards a more sustainable future, and our beloved bodysuits didn’t want to stay behind. This year there’s a shift towards using more fabrics that are sustainable, like recycled materials, organic cotton, and other eco-friendly alternatives. By doing this, these pieces are environmentally conscious and stylish. 


The trend reflects the commitment many brands are now having towards a more responsible industry but also makes sure that they address the demands of consumers for more sustainable choices. 

These garments are now getting a little makeover and colors that are becoming more popular are the earthy hues and neutral tones. The colors range from muted greens to soft brands and even to warm beiges and they add a touch of sophistication to the pieces. The connection with nature is reflected in these trends, and it also allows us to style them easily and makes them versatile pieces. 

This 2024 we are going to see many innovative silhouettes as well as intricate cutouts, as they are following many of the fashion trends in general. The designers are having the time of their lives experimenting with geometric patterns, asymmetrical cutouts, and even some unexpected openings. This way, shapewear add a modern and edgy twist to the traditional designs of bodysuits. 


Thanks to this trend you will be able to explore a lot of exposure of your skin, which will also create unique and interesting pieces that will capture everyone’s attention. Every new year, we get to see what old trends keep coming back. And this year, nostalgia keeps taking the spotlight. They are now embracing designs that are retro-inspired, especially from the 70’s and 80’s. 

We get to see some bold patterns, and prints that are vintage-inspired and high-cut legs and will cater to those who appreciate and love some retro glamour. Definitively this trend celebrates the timeless appeal some classic styles have, but they give them a temporary twist too.